The Online Stage
heard but not seen

Our Structure

The Online Stage is managed by a group of administrators, supported by a moderator's group. The membership is composed of spoken word professionals, many of whom have established careers as actors and audiobook narrators.

The administrators are:

  • Amanda Friday
  • Denis Daly
  • Kristin Gjerløw
  • Michele Eaton


The Online Stage produces and publishes a wide range of recordings of dramatic works, including classic drama, radio plays and dramatizations of novels.

Our commercial recordings are published on, the largest vendor of audiobooks in the world.

We also have a range of free recordings, published on the Internet Archive under a Creative Commons licence.


Membership of the Online Stage is initiated either by invitation by the administrators or by application from people who have the appropriate experience in the field of spoken audio production.

All relevant application information and an online application form can be found on the Performer Registration page.

Members of the public are welcome to approach us with general inquiries via the Contact page.

Further information

For further information about the personnel, operation and policies of The Online Stage please visit our main site:

The Online Stage